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Newborn with severe pulmonary hemorrhage

Newborn baby transferred from periphery, with MAS and Sever Pulmonary Hemorrhage, needed HFO ventilation with vigilant monitoring for 18 days.


Going home waving everyone bye bye …


Newborn with Non Immune Hydrops

A newborn baby with Non Immune Hydrops with percardial-pleural Effusion, ascitis & impending CCF (hb 4) recovered Magically by Exchange Transfusion, done in first five hours of life

Baby: Its time for my discharge, folks!

Fighter Newborns - 3 Musketeers of 2020 

Birth weight & gestation was as below

Baby 1 : 780 grams , 26 weeks gestation
Baby 2 : 850 grams, 28 weeks gestation
Baby 3 : 900 grams, 29 weeks gestation

Each child was 1.8KG @ discharge!

Masterly Inactivity & Watchful Expectancy

A Newborn with birth weight of 800 grams and gestation of 29 weeks was admitted at NICU in Surat for Extreme Prematurity. Fulminant sepsis was not responding to medical management even after 29 days of life.

She responded tremendously without any surgical intervention @ Orange.