Orange Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is a holistic children treatment center, catering for children from neonatal age (Newborn) to 18 years of age. It has custom-built, spacious PICU for children and NICU for newborn babies. Our Hospital infrastructure boasts of great vibrant environment, with complete focus on hygiene, comfort and care for all concerned.
Our Hospital architecture provides good ventilation and Natural Light in all areas that improves general well-being and hastens recovery from illness.
State of the art facilities with 25 bedded in Intensive Care Unit with modern amenities with Semi-special, Special,& Suit rooms.


We have state of art Level 3 NICU with natural light and good ventilation. We have facilities like High Frequency Ventilator (HFO)with Inhouse Geanox Inhaled Nitric Oxide(iNO), warmer, incubators, pulse oxymeter, multipara monitor, cardiac monitor, CPAP, HHHFNC, Non invasive ventilator, conventional ventilator, high frequency oscillatory vantilator(HFOC), point of care 2d ECHO,point of care ultrasounds and point of care ABGA machine. We are managing extreme preterm babies of around 500gms weight, Mecoium aspirations with severe PPHN, septic shock, MODS, AKI who requires Peritoneal dialysis and many more neonatal illnesses. We also manages surgical neonates pre, intra and post operatively so with combined care of neonatologist abd pediatric surgeons so we can get intact survival of all our neonates. On discharge and also on follow up we do OAE /BERA (hearing examinations) and ROP (eye check up) Screening done in all high risk neonates.


The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is 6-bedded unit providing highly specialized care to critically ill children. There is availability of latest monitoring gadgets, ventilators and skilled staff to provide best possible care to these sick patients.

From the patients perspective, every child who comes to us, is brought under very dire and stressful situation. We have a state of art PICU Facility with natural light and good ventilation with one isolation bed for severely infected patient. We have facilities like multipara monitor with ECG, IBP, BIBP, Respiratory rate, Heart rate, SPO2 and ETCO2 monitoring, Pulse oxymeter, defibrillator for cardiac arrhythmia and resuscitation, infusion pump, syringe pump, crash cart to handle and manage critically ill children.



Doctors specialized in looking after sick patients are available round the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that the sick patients receive full attention and immediate treatment without undue delay.

We accepts all patients of pediatric medical emergencies like convulsion, respiratory distress, pyrexia, abdominal pain, persistant vomiting, altered sensorium, etc. and also pediatric surgical, trauma and accidental emergiencies.

We are managing all pediatric medical emergencies like shock, respiratory distress, cardiac failure, status epilepticus, head injury, trauma, poisoning, acute renal failure, acute liver failure, savere anemia, severe dengue, hemorrhage, severe malaria, severe asthma and surgical emergencies like intussusception, intestinal perforation, acute appendicitis, empyema, foreign body aspirations, burns, hydrocephalus and head injury, intracranial hemorrhage, SOL etc.


Neurology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Genetics, Gastroenterology, Hematooncology, Lactation Consultant.


We provide out Patient services to our NICU graduates, growth & Development    Monitoring, High Risk New Born Follow up , their Vaccination and routine illnesses.



We Have 5 Special Rooms with Kids Friendly Environment with all basic infrastructures like TV, AC, Refrigerator, Geyser, Sharing rooms also available.



Fully-equipped ready-to-use operation theater, 24 hours a day, For emergency and elective (planned) Surgeries with Leproscopy, IITV, Brochoscopy, Cystocopy and GI scopy facilities. We cater patients of pediatric surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric trauma, pediatric orthopedic, pediatric plastic surgery and pediatric urology services.



Hospital is fully-equipped for short and long distance transfers with provision for providing full range of PICU/NICU treatment en-route. We have specialized, dedicated transport ventilators running on only oxygen supply.

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